Black Panther

Yesterday evening, I made an impromptu trip to the movie theater to catch the film, Black Panther.

Initially, I had no plans on seeing the movie, as I am skeptical of movies that are highly recommended to me. Additionally, my knowledge of the super hero Black Panther, pales in comparison to my knowledge of other Marvel Heroes such as Spiderman.

However, once I saw headlines of the movie's director and cast making its way to LinkedIn, I thought twice.

I am glad I did, as it was a beautifully made movie touching on important social and political issues. These issues covered everywhere from colonial Africa to modern-day Oakland.

Issues, in no specific order:

  • Military involvement in other nations
  • Colonization and reverse colonization
  • Racial oppression
  • Women empowerment (in strength, leadership, and technology)
  • People of color empowerment (in strength, leadership, and technology)
  • Refugee Immigration
  • Environmental Resources
  • Cultural outreach vs. Isolation

Am I missing anything?

If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it. Not necessarily for its action shots, which are cool, but for its subtle approach to touching on social and political issues within the context of a superhero movie. It does not try to convince anyone of anything (at least it didn't for me), but it does a nice job of creating awareness within the context of a story.

Another interesting point.
Within this film I saw elements of Lion King (Mufasa/ Simba circle of life ancestry), hindu mythology (there was even a reference to Hanuman, the half-monkey Hindu god), and Avatar (using a rare resource to power a society).

Hope you get the chance to watch.