Letting Go of the Ego

I discovered that the hip hop music I grew up listening to was not good for my ego. I would relate the messages from the music to my life, but the reality is my life is not what they are singing about. And while I can imagine myself having the life in which they sing about in their songs, it is not healthy for someone of my personality type to have those type of visions. When I have visions, I believe they are truly possible to achieve. But not all visions and thoughts are worth pursuit.

Don't get me wrong, I believe some songs do have good messages, but the reality is, the majority I listened to do not. Perhaps I can treat listening to hip hop music to consumption of alcohol; good in occasional moderation, but not good to do on a routine basis. Some of them are quite comical, like "Mans not hot" by Big Shaq. But again, not great for the human ego.

Naturally, I have been exploring new music that I think are having positive effects for me. I started out with the Beatles because one of their songs helped me rationalize a situation that was out of my circle of influence. You probably have heard this before.

Slowly from the Beatles, I am rediscovering my penchant for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a band which I enjoyed listening to even when I was a teenager.

Who knows where the music exploration will go from here?


I am just returning from a weekend in Helsinki in which I participated in Deep 2018, a sustainability challenge event hosted by the Helsinki Think Company.

It was a fun time developing a potential solution to a sustainability problem in the food industry. Our judges seemed to like our idea too, awarding our team 2nd place and inviting us to a follow-up event in August.

It was a fun event. I would call it an ideathon. It was similar to a hackathon, but instead of writing code, we expanded on an idea developed from project work of one of my prior courses. It was hosted at Allas Sea Pool, which funny enough, I visited in the summer prior with Magnus. We got the chance to do sauna and go swimming. It was quite thrilling to dip in an outdoor pool that was three quarters frozen. Luckily, there was a heated pool nearby which allowed us to warm up after the dip into the cold water.