2017 - The Year of Self-Reflection

Hello, and welcome to 2018.

The past 3 months to wrap up 2017 have been quite a struggle for me. It is no coincidence that I have not updated the blog in sometime. The transitioning darkness into the Finnish winter has brought out my deep-rooted problems and dark thoughts. It was not something I wanted or planned for, but it is something I have chosen to take in stride.

Isolating myself in a new country, I pondered things I have never thought about before.

My past failures with certain relationships in my life made me ask "Why?" and "What If"?
I was obsessed with the heteronormative culture our society has produced and asked, why?
I asked myself the deep questions of what my purpose in life after not being academically stimulated by the nature of some of the courses I have taken.

I think after hitting rock bottom, it occurred to me what type of life I want to live. I want to live a life in which I question and challenge the existing ways of doing things. I want to live a life which inspires those that are disadvantaged to rise up and evolve. I may not be able to be the best friend, the best son, the best partner to someone, but I can still be a source of inspiration. I have been privileged to be put into the position I am in - it would be sad to not maximize on my potential. Nothing other than greatness motivates me. I care little about money or adulation. As long as I am able to work towards the life I dream of, I need nothing more.

After figuring out my why, I needed to figure out how I would be able to embark on my mission. What will be the vehicle to help me achieve my goal? To me, the best modern day vehicle for change is innovation via business. This officially puts me in the category of wantrapreuners, a phrase coined by Mark Cuban from Shark Tank. I will be in this category until I take the necessary actions needed for successful entrepreneurship. I am pursuing opportunities with small companies with hopes of eventually launching my own companies in the near future. I have a good idea of the type of people I would want on my team and am blessed to have built up a network large enough to figure out who those people may be.

I was happy to end the past year in the company of good-spirited friends from Duke - Jorge, Magnus, and Ketan. While they all knew I was struggling, just being around them and having heart-to-heart discussions with them put me in a better place for the year to come.

In summary, 2017 was not my friend. But it was the year I needed for my continued personal development.


Inspiration was taken from Simon Sinek´s "Start with Why?"


I came across this page started by Cornell students about failures they have experienced in their lives. I find it pretty interesting and will try to contribute moving forward. The link is here:



In 2018 I plan to read. A lot. I hope you will too.