Taste of Finnish in Turku

Hyvää Päivää (Good Day),

I am writing this post from the city of Turku, which is the Swedish-influenced former capital of Finland. It is here where I began a course this past Tuesday on Finnish in Working Life. It consists of 6 hours of daily classroom study on the Finnish language, Finnish working life, and Finnish culture. Should I find the right opportunity to work in Finland, the skills I develop from this course will be a good foundation to build on. I will most likely continue my study of the Finnish language at LUT.

The video below is part of a class assignment in which we were supposed to go to a store and ask how much something costs. I completed this assignment at Hesburger, which is a Finnish fast food chain. See the video below.

After the days' classes and on the weekends, there is an organized social program with events such as a dinner, a picnic and a city walking tour.

Post Dinner Photo at Koulu Restaurant & Brewery. Pictured are students from the 3 different Turku Summer School courses (Finnish, Game Design, and Feminism)

Playing Finnish game Mölkky at the picnic. Very fun game! Kind of a cross between bowling and bocce ball
Nordic Walking Tour across the city of Turku

This weekend we made a trip to Vepsä island.

Vepsä Island beach where I did some swimming

This trip to Vepsä has been the highlight of this past week. There, we were able to use hot sauna then dip into the cold waters surrounding the island. I find dipping in cold water to be quite therapeutic and refreshing. Will need to try in the winter! 😃

Swam in these cold Baltic-fed waters after sessions of Sauna. Felt great!
Between both the class and social program, it has been quite an exhausting week. But I think, overall, my Finnish language skills have been improving so in my opinion it has been worth it.

You be the judge - please find for your viewing below my Finnish 'icebreaker' video in Finnish and a translated transcript. Enjoy!

Good Day.
The time is 5 P.M.
My name is Adi.
I speak English well and I speak a little Finnish.
My hobby is playing basketball.
Another hobby is reading books.
I am studying sustainability in Lappeenranta.
Bye bye!